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How it Works :

➀ You go to our online store ↑ and place your order

*It's super simple to use but please email us if you have any queries or questions.*

➁ You tell us your fabric and colour choices. 

*Please note: If we do not receive these details within a few days of you placing the order, your order will unfortunately be cancelled and refunded.*

➂ We get to work creating your bespoke, one-of-a-kind creation.

*This can take a few weeks depending on our order book so please allow plenty of time PLUS shipping when placing the order.*

➃ You receive your harness and have an amazing wedding with your best friend by your side looking incredible.

➄ You send us photos so we can gush over how amazing everyone looks. 

*Tag us on Instagram @caninesandconfetti, and please include the photographer's details*

Please Note:

Our online store makes it easy for you to order from us with minimal hassle. Before you click buy please make sure you have the following things ready.

Our traditional harnesses go over-the-head but if your dog is not keen on these, we also make harnesses that clip around the neck and stomach, meaning the main design elements are on the back of the harness.


Your colours and fabrics.

We try to match your fabrics and colours as close as possible, please send us a photo in the most natural light possible, even better if you can send us a fabric swatch! 

Your Dog's Measurements.

For this you will need: Treats, a measuring tape and endless patience.


To make sure it fits perfectly we need the neck measurement plus one inch to ensure it goes over their head and the collar fits without being tight.​


We need to know their waist, neck and chest measurements to be sure the harness fits correctly and they can’t slip out of it. 

If your dog is a wiggler and you really can’t get them to sit still, please let us know the size of their current harness and we will try our best.

*Disclaimer: if you have measured your dog accurately and the harness then does not fit, we will do our best to rectify if possible but we cannot offer refunds and alterations to overseas customers free of charge. If you have measured your dog wrong, you will be liable for any costs.*

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